World Eating Disorders Action Day – June 2nd 2017 – Get involved!

Key Messages Of World Eating Disorder Action Day

Advocate for early intervention and evidence-based treatment.
Affirm parents/families as key players in their children’s/loved one’s treatment and recovery.
Call for increased diversity in research, narratives, media, and professionals working in the field, so as to uplift marginalized communities and underrepresented global regions.
Address the lack of access to affordable, culturally competent, representative and comprehensive care among underserved populations.
Promote that eating disorders are treatable at all ages/stages.
In addition, World Eating Disorder Action Day promotes the “Nine Truths About Eating Disorders” and the renewed “World Eating Disorder Health Care Rights.”

How to get involved?
Follow on Twitter @WorldEDday and like the facebook page
Use the hashtags: #WeDoAct #WeDoActTogether and #WorldEatingDisordersDay
For the nine truths: #NineTruths
For the World ED Healthcare Rights: #WorldEatingDisorderHealthcareRights #AEDGlobalBlueprint
Share World ED Day’s content on social media
Share the “Nine Truths About Eating Disorders” and “World Eating Disorder Healthcare Rights” graphics that can be found on the World ED website and Facebook
Take the pledge

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