Psychology in Service: Eating Disorders Outreach, Education and Treatment by Karen Samuels, Ph.D.

COPE Co-Founder/Director, Karen Samuels, Ph.D. shared the history of COPE and her 40 year history working in the field of eating disorders with the SUMMER 2021 Edition of the Florida Psychologist.

As a psychologist, my career
has been dedicated to
working with those suffering
with the continuum of Eating
Disorders (ED) and Disordered
Eating (DE), Body image disturbance
and related issues
since the late
1970’s. The field
of Psychology is
relatively young and
still discovering “best
practices” for our
clients. The DSMIII only added an
ED section in 1980.
The specialty area of
Eating Disorders and
Disordered Eating
continues to struggle
with funding for
research to identify
treatments that are most efficacious
across the continuum of EDs and DE.

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