10 Things You Can Do Right Now To Boost Your Body Image

1. Smile at yourself in the mirror.

2. Ask one or two of your closest friends why they love you. (I bet it has nothing to do with your physical experience but the beauty inside!)

3. Focus on what you’re thankful for. Name five to 10 things.

4. Check out one of these empowering resources.

5. Name one thing you love about yourself. Right now. This instant.

6. Create a body image-inspired collage, where you cut out positive quotes from magazines or books or print them out from the Internet. This is a great way to overcome any body image blues.

7. Take out your journal and write about one positive thing that makes you feel utterly beautiful.

8. Toss the scale. The number on the scale says nothing about your health. What’s really important is engaging in healthy habits such as participating in physical activities you enjoy, feeding your body nutrients and taking good care of yourself.

9. Stop reading anything that makes you feel bad about your body. There are tons of “health magazines” that promote dieting and being thin, even though this isn’t the true meaning of health. Plus, they just encourage a negative body image, which is unhealthy. So read publications and websites that truly make you feel good about yourself and empower you.

10. Tell someone else why you love them. Spreading the love not only brightens their day but it helps to put life into perspective. And helping someone is a beautiful thing!

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