7 Ways to Become a Body Image Activist

With thin-is-in and diet-focused ads, commercials and magazines, size discrimination and hysteria over the so-called obesity epidemic, our society perpetuates a poor body image and a false view of health. Fortunately, there are many ways you can use your voice to promote a positive body image. Here are seven ways you can make a difference.

1. See a body-bashing ad or commercial? Write to the company to voice your concerns, and boycott their products. Read a negative article in a magazine? Write a letter to the editor, and encourage others to do the same.

2. Start a blog that encourages everyone to appreciate, love and respect their bodies. Provide tools for boosting a healthier body image.

3. Volunteer with organizations that promote body diversity, fight size discrimination and teach media literacy.

4. Learn more about Health At Every Size, a movement that focuses on accepting and loving our bodies and practicing healthy habits — not on losing weight or being a certain size or shape.

5. Link to body-positive articles on your Facebook page or Twitter.

6. Steer conversations away from body-bashing, calorie-counting and forbidden foods. If your friends or family are criticizing their bodies or someone else’s, change the chat. Explain that there are more meaningful things to focus on. Think about all the important topics you could be talking about and how much fun you could be having if you drop the diet and weight talk.

7.  Check out these great ideas for getting involved in the community or on your campus and celebrating our bodies. 

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