Minutes to Nov. 5th, 2012 COPE MEETING


November 5th, 2012

Ormond Beach, FL  32176

Attendees:  Karen Samuels, Ph.D., Cindy Jackson, Debbie Yarbrough, Linda Mitchell, Sarah Benson, Brenda O’Donnell.



Previous Minutes

Minutes from the July 16th, & August 20th, 2012 were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

Sarah  Benson reported our current balance is:  $   


Education Outreach Committee:  Being a Girl in Today’s World Workshops—Volusia & Flagler County Middle Schools, Hinson Middle, was delivered on Friday, Nov. 2nd. Karen Samuels presented in the morning, and Kathryn Fraser presented the remainder of the day.  Reported “the day was quite magical. There was a lot of appreciation among the girls. She had them think about their best friend and tell us one thing they liked about their friend that didn’t have to do with her appearance.  To show them that what’s on the inside is the most important thing and that their best friend probably loves them for the same reason.  Lots of participation and it ended the talk on a nice note.  We might want to try and incorporate that activity in the future.”  Thanks Kathryn.  Rest your voice!

Dr. Amy Hall, Guidance Director for Volusia County, promoted the workshop in a recent Middle school meeting.  COPE has been requested to present these workshops in 4 more schools after the new year.        

America the Beautiful II :  Everyone reported tremendously positive feedback from the Sept. 10th event at Embry Riddle A. U.  About 100 people attended and stayed until the facility was closing.  Darryl Roberts was a warm, funny and dynamic speaker following the film.   Darryl Roberts  reported in his October 11th newsletter all about his visit to Daytona Beach and the documentary sponsored by COPE.   There were several photos in his newsletter from his Daytona visit.  He regaled host and COPE volunteer, Andrea Rojas, who was a top notch tour guide for our presenter.  Everyone agreed this event was  a positive outreach for the community and would like to do something again in 2013.

Possible speakers were discussed.  Karen Samuels has communicated with Jenni Schaefer, writer, spokesperson and song-writer, as a possible candidate.

Website updates:  Karen Samuels continues to update the website.  We hired a new webmaster to assist.  CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE:  www.cope-ecf.org   Please send any suggestions, and your favorite links, announcements, etc.  to Karen’s email.  Please post news on our Facebook page    

2013 NEDAW WALK:   NEDAW Walk/fun run committee is working on dates, locations and collaboration for a fun walk, yoga class and live music.  Target date has been moved to Spring, 2013.    We discussed and unanimously agreed to join NEDA as an organizational partner.  The NEDA staff “walk director” will guide us through the steps to plan this event!

Recent Events:

COPE AT APA:  Karen Samuels, Ph.D. and Kathryn Fraser, Ph.D., presented at APA (American Psychological Association) on Friday, August 3rd.  Their talk describes how COPE teamed with the local community in developing and presenting Being a Girl in Today’s World district wide.   Improving Body Image to Prevent Disordered Eating: Outreach Intervention for Teenage Girls , Society for the Psychology of Women:  Connections, Intersections and Coalitions: Feminist Psychology for Change.

COPE at The Health and Human Service Summit, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Friday, Oct. 28th.  Melissa Smith volunteered to provide the COPE table/booth at the annual health summit.  She distributed much information, gave away the COPE:  Love yourself from the inside out! Bracelets, and spent the entire day by herself at booth.  THANK YOU, Melissa.

COPE at Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine: Karen Samuels, Ph.D. and Kathryn Fraser, Ph.D. presented, September 29th, in Chicago, IL.  Their workshop:  Comprehensive approach to treating eating disorders: Guidelines for Primary Care.

COPE at NEDA: National Eating Disorders Association, annual conference in St. Petersburg, FL., Oct. 11-13th.  Several COPE volunteers/members attended the NEDA convention.  At least 9 people from the Volusia/Flagler community attended this event and were inspired and re-invigorated to bring more awareness programs to our local area.  Karen Samuels, Ph.D. and Margo Maine, Ph.D. presented the workshop: Treating Women with Eating Disorders at and beyond Midlife:  Help, Hope, Healing and the Relational Cultural Model.

Check out the COPE website and Facebook page for  COPE(ing) bags that have been hand crafted/created and offered graciously by Linda Mitchell.  They are available for purchase, all proceeds are donated to COPE.  THANK YOU, Linda.  They are absolutely beautiful.  CHECK THEM OUT!

 Upcoming Event:

Orlando will sponsor a NEDAW walk on Feb. 24, 2013.

 Next Meeting Date:

Monday, January 14th, 2013, at 6:30 p.m@ Karen Samuels’office,  115 E. Granada Blvd., St.7, Ormond Bch.

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