NEDA ‘s Online Eating Disorder Screening Tool


Welcome to the Screening Program

Welcome to the National Eating Disorders Association’s free and confidential screening for eating disorders.

This quiz, based on the work of D.M. Garner, M.P. Olmsted, Y. Bohr, and P.E. Garfinkel is designed to help you determine if it’s time to seek professional help. At the end you will have a chance to speak with a volunteer or visit our website for more information.

This screening is designed to help you look at your thoughts and behaviors that may be associated with eating disorders. This screening is not a substitute for assessment and/or treatment by a qualified professional. All of your answers will be kept confidential. Please answer honestly and completely.  You may contact the National Eating Disorders Association Helpline, for any questions related to this screening.  Best wishes!

PLEASE NOTE:  This screening is NOT an official diagnosis of an eating disorder. Please contact a treatment professional to receive an official diagnosis.

At the end of the screening, you will be given the opportunity to voluntarily sign up for a three month follow-up survey. You are NOT required to participate in this follow-up in order to take the screening, and you can opt-out of participating in three months even if you do sign up.

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