Weight stigma Awareness Week, Sept. 22-26th

In your life and the lives of those in your community, weight bias and weight stigma have an enormous impact.  Weight stigma is what a person experiences when weight bias is internalized as being ‘deserved’ and we as a culture experience weight bias almost constantly.  This year BEDA is helping you to advocate for yourself and to fight against stigma in your day to day world.

For Weight Stigma Awareness Week 2014, BEDA is featuring Tools That Build Conversations; toolkits to help you address bias and discrimination in professional settings including:

  • Medical care and your doctors office
  • School setting and activities programs for your child
  • Psychological support and your treatment provider
  • Nutrition counseling 
  • Movement experts and physical therapy

Our goal is to give you the tools to advocate for better and higher quality experiences with:

  • Toolkits that you can download and take with you to support your conversations addressing weight stigma and bias
  • Toolkits that you can print out for your doctor, school, psychotherapist, nutrition professional or movement expert to help them prevent stigmatizing encounters within their office
  • Video presentations addressing the intersectionality of weight/size discrimination and binge eating disorder
  • Blog posts from experts in weight stigma, children’s health, medical and nutrition settings, psychological and movement based therapies


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