4 Great Websites For Girls To Check Out

We’re surrounded by pro-dieting and thin-is-in messages, which can lead us to feel bad about our bodies and even ourselves.

But fortunately, there are many gems on the Internet that focus on building girls’ self-esteem from the inside out and help them to become smart, discerning consumers and citizens.

Below are a few fantastic resources that truly empower girls!

1. Smart Girls Know

Written by awesome teen and tween advocate Deborah Reber, Smart Girls Know features relevant news, insights on the latest issues and advice for girls and young women. She covers everything from body image and eating disorders to stressing less and fun contests and opportunities for girls.

2. Operation Beautiful

Operation Beautiful is a body-positive movement that all started with one Post-It note. When Caitlin Boyle was having a crummy day filled with negative self-talk she decided to post a  positive note in public for someone else to find. She took a picture of it and posted it on her blog. And so Operation Beautiful was born.

Now people from all over the world write notes in public places, take pictures of them and send them to Caitlin to post on Operation Beautiful. This helps remind us that we’re all beautiful!

3. New Moon

New Moon is a website and magazine that inspires girls!

According to the website, its’ where “girls create and share poetry, artwork, videos, and more; chat together; and learn. All in a fully moderated, educational environment designed to build self-esteem and positive body image.”

There is a fee for membership but you get unlimited access to the site and magazines issues for six months.

4. Rachel Simmons blog

Rachel Simmons is another incredible advocate and educator who works with girls and young women to inspire and empower them. On her blog, she dishes about the latest news relevant to girls and features interviews with amazing teens and experts.

Plus, a high school student regularly contributes great insight to the blog.

What are some of your favorite websites for girls? What websites inspire and empower you?

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